Rereading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

red queenSince I have already done a review of this book, I’ll just give a few observations.

  1. You should never join a revolution when you are still in morning for dead brother.  You really shouldn’t make any life altering decisions really.  Mare is so blinded by her own rage and pain that she doesn’t see what is going.
  2. Which she would have if she had her wits about her.  She may not be book smart but she’s definitely street smart.  Her emotions got in the way and despite multiple people telling her not to trust the guy, including the guy she does anyway.
  3. I’m glad that I read Cruel Crown because I totally forgot about that one character dies and I glad we got a little bit more backstory on him, even if it was just a little bit.
  5. I really dislike Elara and I hope she has a very painful death.
  6. Poor Lucas
  7. It should be an interesting dynamic between Cal and Kilorn.

Bring on Glass Sword.

Rereading Cress by Marissa Meyer

Now on to Cress.  If you have been following along.  You can read my thoughts about my second readings on Cinder and Scarlet there and there. Again *Spoilers*

  1. I think I mentioned this before but I love how our heroines have non-traditional jobs.  Cinder is a mechanic, Scarlet is a pilot and farmer and Cress is a computer programmer and hacker.  They may be based on fairy tales but doesn’t mean that have be damsels in distress. (though I do love Cress’ line about being a damsel in distress instead of a being a prisoner)
  2. I do love the friendship between Cinder and Throne.  The bickering back and forth between the two is truly delightful.  It really sets up for the big ending.
  3. Cress’ reaction to seeing sand, trees and animals for the first time is just plain adorable.  I love the scenes where she is forced to describe their surroundings to Throne who has temporarily lost his eyesight.  It’s really cute.
  4. In Cinder Jacin is described as having a pony tail but is never described with one again.  Does he get his haircut?
  5. Also a lot of characters have blue eyes.  Cress, Throne, Jacin and Dr. Erland.  Okay that’s only 4 but that is half of them.
  6. When Jacin says he serves the Princess, did everyone just forget that Winter exits?  That might have been a good idea to say, hey how did you know?  I know there were a little unsure if they could trust him and for good reason but it probably might have been a good idea to let him in on the Princess Selene angle.  Sure, he might have did what he did anyway but maybe not.  Communication could have been a little better, that’s all I’m saying.
  7. Lunars can be real jerks.  They manipulate and torture Scarlet and then put her on display in the menagerie.  I do hope Cinder gets rid of the families when she takes over.
  8. I hope they make a movie or TV show because I want to see the scene at the end when Kai is looking for Cinder and sees Wolf sewing up his wound and looks up and says “Your Majesty”.  Classic.
  9. Wolf.  sigh

One more book to go.  I probably won’t have as many thoughts about Winter since I did just recently finished it but that doesn’t mean I’m any less excited about it.