Winter is coming…eventually

winds of winterI wish I could say this is a post about how George R.R. Martin is finally sent a date for the release of The Winds of Winter, the next book in his A Song of Fire and Ice Saga but sadly no.  As much as it pains me to continue to wait, it obviously pains George even more.  Today he posted on his blog that The Winds of Winter will not be published before the beginning of the sixth season of the HBO based on his book in April.  Yeah this sucks but at least we know.  (To read his whole blog post, go here) I know that many people are going to be angry with him.  there are a lot of people who worry that the show is now going to spoil the books or the show will influence how the book will end.  I don’t really feel that way.  I think George has a pretty clear idea of where he wants his series to end and the producer of the show have theirs.  I’m not sure if the books had been completed would have changed either endings.  The show have deviated from the books since season 1.  Characters that are POV in the books haven’t made the show yet or cut completely and other characters still alive in the books have died in the show.  True they may die soon in the books but we won’t know for sure until it comes out but has any of those changes really ruined the show for you?  The past five season, us book readers have had an advantage over those who haven’t read it and now we will all get to experience the show together with no insight.  How exciting is that?  As for the books now being spoiled, was the show spoiled for you even though you read the books? Did it make the red wedding any less horrifying to watch? or Ned’s death? or any of the other thousands of deaths?  It hasn’t for me so I don’t think the show will spoil the books all that much either.  Sure we might have an inkling of what will happen but there is so much more in the books then the show could ever show us.  So many more characters, subplots, settings that haven’t even been mentioned on the show that will be just as much in the dark about as we are now.  So I say, let’s enjoy the wait.  Let’s appreciate what we have with both the books and the show.  Let George finish the books in his own time and not rush him.  Don’t we want it to the best it can be?

This makes me think about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it’s the longest of the seven books and my least favorite and I believe J.K. Rowling’s too.  In between writing four she had a son and felt rushed to finish five.  She has said that she wished she had more time to edit and it shows.  It’s kind of a mess.  With tons of subplots and tangents it’s not as focused as the others.  The great thing about the movie (which ironically is the shortest film) is that it was able to do the editing that J.K. didn’t get to do to make it much better movie then book but what as readers we were more patient and gave her the time.  What book would we have got?  Would it have been better?  Would we have avoided S.P.E.W.?  Would Harry have been less of a git, I mean a whiny teenage boy?  We will never know for sure but I do think for sure we cheated ourselves of her best effort.  So for this reason I say give George a break.  Let him finish it in his time and we will all eventually get what we want.

Not sure how I feel about this

So I think we all know this was going to happen.  The show Game of Thrones was going to end before the final book is published.  However, I think many of us, were hoping that the show’s ending would be different then the books.  It’s doesn’t seem like it will be.  Show runners, Dan Weiss and David Benioff confirmed the show is heading towards the same endgame as George is with the book.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  In one way, we are going to miss out on George’s meticulously detailed story telling and no longer will have the benefit of knowing what’s coming on the show. On the other hand, it means we get to experience the show with a fresh take that we couldn’t before since we had an idea of where the characters stories go.   So there’s good and bad in both options.  First we will get a condensed version of the story and outcome and then we will get a more detailed account of how Westeros was won or lost.  And let’s be honest, I’m going to watch the show and read the final books anyway so why stress how I find out how it ends?  I have seen a movie and then read the book after to see how they compared so this isn’t anything new to me or to many other people. So I guess after typing this all out, I feel alright about this.

So how do you feel about this?  Are you upset that the books will now be spoiled? Will you still read them when they come out? Or are you like me, who’s now just going to go with the flow?  Let us know in the comments below.

Only One More Month, People!

HBO released a new trailer for Season 5 of Game of Thrones.  Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to embed the video (I’m sure they did that on purpose) so you are going to have to Click Here To View it.

Also exciting news, HBO has partnered up with Apple to launch their HBO Go service as a stand alone service.  As of now, you have to subscribe to HBO via your cable package to got it but now, you’ll be able to get HBO and all of their movies, shows, and documentaries without having to have a cable! The service goes live on April 12.  You know what also happens on April 12?  The premiere of Season 5!  Coincidence?  I think not.  Well played HBO.

Now that we have seen the trailers, what do you expect from this season?  Do you think they will continue to stay faithful to the books or is this the year that they really go their own way?  Sound off in the comments below.

GoT! What might have been and What might be.

Who knew I would be writing about HarperCollins twice in one week? It turns out HarperCollins London’s office is moving into a swanky new office.  According to this article, there are conferences rooms named in honor of their authors, Hilary Mantel and George R.R. Martin. And it’s the Martin room that interests me.  This room has on display the original letter that Mr. Martin wrote to his agent about the plot of The Song of Ice and Fire.  The final paragraph has been blacked out keeping the ending a mystery, for which I am glad about.

Some kind soul took pictures of the letter and posted it on Tumblr. I don’t think I have to say this but I will, Spoiler Alert.  While many of Mr. Martin’s original ideas did not come to pass, some still might happen.  Including the five characters who Mr. Martin originally intended on surviving the whole series.  I give you a hint, all five are currently still alive though may not be for much longer.  So, click at your own risk. 

For those who found the letter to hard to read or too lazy to read it,  MilfordAcademy summarized the letter on the blog Oh No They Didn’t.  Again, don’t read unless you really want to know. You’ve been warned!

So what do you think?  Who wishes some of what he originally planned had happened?  There’s a few things I definitely do and other’s I’m very glad never happened but I guess there is still time.

GoT Update: I’m done

Featured imageI finished A Dance of Dragons and now I am where everyone else is the world is.  Waiting. So many questions.  This goes without saying but the following will spoil things if you haven’t read them.

Jon Snow? Did he survive the attack of his brothers?  Did pull a Bran and take over Ghost?  Will Ghost save him?  Jaime?  Is Brienne leading him to his death by Lady Stoneheart?  What of Stannis?  Is he really dead like Ramsey says or is this just a trick to lure out the Jon Snow and the Night’s watch? Can Queen Selsye be any less likable? If Mance’s change of appearance is on glamour thanks to the ruby he wears does that mean that Melisandre looks are also a glamour? What of Bran? Rickon? and Davos?  My poor poor Davos.

I’m sad about Quentyn.  We barely knew you lad but what a terrible way to go.  Cersei, just got lucky.  I have a feeling she will be soon free to run Westoros into the ground and further corrupt her son.  Poor Tommen.  At least he has his kittens.  And where are they sending Arya again?  And Dany? Is she going to march back into Meereen, as Khalessi again with Khal Jhogo and Drogon in tow? And how has every thing that has happened play or mess Tyrion’s plan with the Second Sons?  And what of Sansa and Littlefinger?  We know that Littlefinger hasn’t been idle all this time.

I probably have more questions but I can’t think of them right now. When does the Winds of Winter come out?

GoT Update

So the Dance of the Dragons is going much better than A Feast For Crows did. I’m already on page 400!  I think it helps that so many of my favorites are back. Tyrion! Jon Snow. (You know nothing, Jon Snow) and Davos. Yes, the Onion Knight is one of my favorites.  He is really one of the only truly decent people in Westeros.  He’s trying to make the best of what’s he’s got and god, is he loyal.  I’m not sure Stannis deserves it though.

I like Dany but she’s not my favorite but I think that might be her story line.  I sort of lost interest in her when she was raiding Slaver’s bay and now in Meereen, the same thing. Isn’t it time for her to get to Westeros. Let’s move things a bit.

So happy that Davos is still alive. I was worried.  Tyrion, you sly bastard.  Messing up the Spider’s plans.  Oh, btw, where is Varys?  Does anyone else get the feeling that Jon Snow isn’t going to be Lord Commander much longer? Poor Theon.  Yeah, he was a git but no one deserves to be tortured like that.  And man, those Northmen are sneaky.

GoT Update

I’m still working on my Top 10 list for books I have read but in the mean time, a little update. I have finished A Feast For Crows!  Finally!  As I stated before, it started off slow.  So many new characters.  So many characters that were only briefly mentioned before came back, that then I had to spend time trying to remember who they were.  And the Iron Born.  At first I wasn’t sure why I should care what was going on in the Iron Isles but figured, Mr. Martin wouldn’t write it if it didn’t matter but damn, some of those early chapters were painful.

After, I got through all of that, the book picked up and boy did it pick up.  Cersei got off the local train to crazy town and got on the Express.  As the reader, we have the benefit of knowing what is going on the realm that Cersei doesn’t but then again, if she wasn’t so paranoid and short sighted, she might have been able to tell good advice from bad.  And what happened with Brienne? What did she say?  Did it save her?  and Jamie, so proud of you.  Littlefinger, still creepy. Arya? What?  Is she blind blind?

So many questions.  Can’t wait to dive into A Dance of Dragons.  What’s going on with Tyrion?  How is Commander Snow faring?  Are Dany’s Dragons behaving themselves?  Ok, Mr, Martin.  Bring it.