GoT Update

I’m still working on my Top 10 list for books I have read but in the mean time, a little update. I have finished A Feast For Crows!  Finally!  As I stated before, it started off slow.  So many new characters.  So many characters that were only briefly mentioned before came back, that then I had to spend time trying to remember who they were.  And the Iron Born.  At first I wasn’t sure why I should care what was going on in the Iron Isles but figured, Mr. Martin wouldn’t write it if it didn’t matter but damn, some of those early chapters were painful.

After, I got through all of that, the book picked up and boy did it pick up.  Cersei got off the local train to crazy town and got on the Express.  As the reader, we have the benefit of knowing what is going on the realm that Cersei doesn’t but then again, if she wasn’t so paranoid and short sighted, she might have been able to tell good advice from bad.  And what happened with Brienne? What did she say?  Did it save her?  and Jamie, so proud of you.  Littlefinger, still creepy. Arya? What?  Is she blind blind?

So many questions.  Can’t wait to dive into A Dance of Dragons.  What’s going on with Tyrion?  How is Commander Snow faring?  Are Dany’s Dragons behaving themselves?  Ok, Mr, Martin.  Bring it.

3 thoughts on “GoT Update

  1. Me Too! And I’m probably right in assuming she’s not in A Dance with Dragons, so I still won’t know what happens to her until the next book comes out. jeesh


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