GoT Update

So the Dance of the Dragons is going much better than A Feast For Crows did. I’m already on page 400!  I think it helps that so many of my favorites are back. Tyrion! Jon Snow. (You know nothing, Jon Snow) and Davos. Yes, the Onion Knight is one of my favorites.  He is really one of the only truly decent people in Westeros.  He’s trying to make the best of what’s he’s got and god, is he loyal.  I’m not sure Stannis deserves it though.

I like Dany but she’s not my favorite but I think that might be her story line.  I sort of lost interest in her when she was raiding Slaver’s bay and now in Meereen, the same thing. Isn’t it time for her to get to Westeros. Let’s move things a bit.

So happy that Davos is still alive. I was worried.  Tyrion, you sly bastard.  Messing up the Spider’s plans.  Oh, btw, where is Varys?  Does anyone else get the feeling that Jon Snow isn’t going to be Lord Commander much longer? Poor Theon.  Yeah, he was a git but no one deserves to be tortured like that.  And man, those Northmen are sneaky.

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