GoT Update: I’m done

Featured imageI finished A Dance of Dragons and now I am where everyone else is the world is.  Waiting. So many questions.  This goes without saying but the following will spoil things if you haven’t read them.

Jon Snow? Did he survive the attack of his brothers?  Did pull a Bran and take over Ghost?  Will Ghost save him?  Jaime?  Is Brienne leading him to his death by Lady Stoneheart?  What of Stannis?  Is he really dead like Ramsey says or is this just a trick to lure out the Jon Snow and the Night’s watch? Can Queen Selsye be any less likable? If Mance’s change of appearance is on glamour thanks to the ruby he wears does that mean that Melisandre looks are also a glamour? What of Bran? Rickon? and Davos?  My poor poor Davos.

I’m sad about Quentyn.  We barely knew you lad but what a terrible way to go.  Cersei, just got lucky.  I have a feeling she will be soon free to run Westoros into the ground and further corrupt her son.  Poor Tommen.  At least he has his kittens.  And where are they sending Arya again?  And Dany? Is she going to march back into Meereen, as Khalessi again with Khal Jhogo and Drogon in tow? And how has every thing that has happened play or mess Tyrion’s plan with the Second Sons?  And what of Sansa and Littlefinger?  We know that Littlefinger hasn’t been idle all this time.

I probably have more questions but I can’t think of them right now. When does the Winds of Winter come out?

8 thoughts on “GoT Update: I’m done

  1. also, i kinda hate that Lady Stoneheart plot. and, im worried about what it means for the Red God and/or the Brotherhood without Banners. I mean, is the Red God just funning us? is s/he really a dark god? and, man, i loved the brotherhood, fighting for the small folk. now theyre just breaking my heart.

    and, seriously? WHAT ABOUT DAVOS?!?! I can’t, man, if he goes.

    and, i really hope Stannis is fine because good grief Ramsay Bolton is the worst. Ramsay is the new Joffrey. ugh. i hate him.


    • Me too. I’m so glad she’s been cut from the show.

      And Ramsays the worst. At least i sorta liked Joffrey. I hate everything about Ramsay


      • I like having someone to hate and Ramsay is better than Stannis for that. Well, and the Freys. But, Stannis is just a wet blanket who is so insistent on his right to be King that I can’t figure out if he’s really thought about why he wants it or if he really even actually wants it. (Or, if he just thinks he’s owed it.) Guh. He’ll make a terrible King.

        So, the Iron Born are kinda boring, I agree. I wasn’t interested in Victarion (at least as not as I have been in Asha (The Total Badass) and Theon (I’m totally ready for his redemption and on board with not hating him anymore)) and I think the Crow’s Eye might be interesting in the future. I’m curious as to where he got the Dragon horn and how that’ll fit into/mess up Dany’s future plans.

        I’m so excited about Cersei’s express train to Crazy town. I loved book 4 for that. She gets such great advice from her Uncle and from Jamie (and from her dead Father in the form of advisers he appointed) and she just bulldozes through everyone. I love it. And, I can’t wait to see what happens with the Sparrows plot. You know something Crazy town banana pants is going to happen with that.


      • I loved to hate Joffrey. Even more so on the tv show. But i just hate ramsay. I just do. He has no trdeeming qualities whats so ever. He can’t wait fir him to die. And i hope he gets ripped to shreds by his dogs

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      • I like Asha and Theon is definitely due for a redemption moment but the rest I don’t care. I guess Euron has some potential and I’m curious a out this horn but really I just don’t care.

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  2. Your question about Melisandre’s appearance being part of a glamour is mind blowing. I hadn’t thought of that.

    Thanks for your comment on Quentyn. I was really taken by this uncharismatic and unambitious prince, who dared to tame a dragon in hopes of wooing this beautiful queen. Guys like that usually don’t get burned alive, and I was suddenly stuck how I had, without knowing it, really become invested in his storyline.

    George RR Martin, you scamp! You did it to me again.

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    • It seems that George brings up her ruby almost everytime she’s on the page that i figured it had to be important. It’s the first thing people remark on when they talk about her appearance. So when Rattleshirt turned out to be Mance and the Ruby was the reason. It made me think.

      Yeah poor Quentyn. He grew up quite a lit in this book. I first I wasn’t at all interested. Just another character. Sigh but I really started to feel sorry for him. After meeting his sister and cousins, he was such a wet dog but he came into his own until he was dragon-fried.

      Now if we can get rid of the Ironborn storyline. I just don’t care

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