Discussion: The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater Part 1

the raven king We are officially a week from the release of The Raven King!  It’s so close!  It’s almost here!  AHHHH!!!  Okay, I’m done freaking out.  Throughout this month, I have posted my thoughts of the last three books as I re-read The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves and Blue Lily Lily Blue to refresh my memory of what happened so far. Now we are going to look ahead to The Raven King, itself and hopefully get some discussion going on what we think is going to happen, what we are looking forward to finally reading (a few kisses come to mind) and how we think it’s going to end.  So let’s get this started.

In Blue Lily Lily Blue, we were introduced to three new characters.  Henry Cheng, Piper Greenmantle and Gwenllian. Henry is a fellow student at Aglionby.  Piper was Colin Greenmantle’s wife and the real antagonist of the book.  Gwenllian the daughter of Glendower who the gang finds in his robber’s grave. Let’s break it down one at a time.

Henry Cheng: The last time we saw him, he was protesting the faculty denying his petition for a student council when scaffolding fell down all around Adam. It should have killed Adam but he used his Cabeswater connection to save himself.  Maggie has said that Henry is going to have a bigger role in The Raven King but what?  He probably has some questions about Adam after witnessing his near death and I have some questions as to what he was doing out so late when Blue and Gansey found him and his car.  Is he connected to Cabeswater somehow? Is he also searching for Glendower?

Piper Greenmantle: The last time we saw her, she was stuck in the cave and waking up the third sleeper with the help of the reemerged Neeve.  Obviously this is not good because this was the sleeper that everyone kept warning not to wake. Even more bad news, it sounds like the third sleeper is a gigantic spider of some sort.  What role will Piper play, since she is obviously not dead and now has a favor thanks to creepy spider sleeper guy.  And what does the fact that it was only two of them to wake him up instead of the preferred three?

Gwenllian: The last time we saw her, she was helping the gang rescue Maura from the cave.  We know that she is like Blue and is a Mirror.  She sings and is annoying to all the women at 300 Fox Way.  As the daughter of Glendower, she probably can help them out in their quest to find him, if they can get a straight answer from her and her powers could be beneficial to the women in 300 Fox Way.  Not to mention give us more insight in to Artemus.  What role will she play in the final book?

4 thoughts on “Discussion: The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater Part 1

  1. Piper Greenmantle is maybe the scariest villain so far in the books. She kind of seems like a sociopath, like she doesn’t have a moral compass. She’s only guided by not being bored and winning. I’m kind of terrified of her and third sleeper that they weren’t supposed to wake being buddies.

    and, I kind of love Gwenllian. Characters that are riddles in and of themselves always please me.

    Oh, and Henry Cheng is about to be all up in everyone’s business in a way that Kavinsky never was. I just have that feeling about him.

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