Discussion: The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater Part 2

the raven king Yesterday we discussed a little bit about the new characters that were introduced in Blue Lily Lily Blue.  Today, I’m going to discuss Colin Greenmantle and Artemus.  They were both characters previously mentioned in earlier books but we didn’t actually see them until Blue Lily Lily Blue.

Colin Greenmantle: The last time we saw Colin, he was walking away from Piper, the Gray Man and a thug before they entered cave.  He had just witnessed Piper kill Jesse Dittley and was not having it.  He was already about to leave after Adam and Ronan paid him a visit with their fake but very convincing evidence of a terrible crime and the death of Jesse was enough for him to peace out.  Is he really gone though? The man who put in so much time, effort and money in to finding the Greywaren.  He moved to Henrietta and became the latin teacher in hopes of ruining the Gray man and he’s just going to walk away? Especially now that Piper has gone over the deep end and will soon be a missing person.  I know that the evidence that Ronan dreamt up was enough to scare him but is it enough to keep him away?

Artemus: Last time we saw Artemus he was being rescued by Blue with the help of the Gray Man and Maura.  He’s Blue’s father and Maura’s ex-lover.  Things are probably going to get a little awkward since the Gray Man is currently dating or at least seeing Maura now.  We really don’t know much about Artemus beyond his past history with Maura and according to Gwenllian, he is the one who tied her up.  That would suggest that he is as old as she is and somehow involved with  Glendower?  From the beginning, it has be a part of Maura’s story arc to find him.  It was the reason that she invited Neeve to come stay with them in The Raven Boys.  Now that she has found him, what’s next?  He obviously has some connection to Glendower and is a magician of some kind.  So how does he fit in the search for Glendower and how does he fit in Blue and Maura’s life?

Part 1: The Role of New characters


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