Discussion: The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater Part 5

the raven kingRichard Campbell Gansey III, the once and future King. We’ve talked about his friends and their journey but what about Gansey?  Is he the only one who doesn’t have any kind of power? He must feel left out.  He must feel how Blue felt her whole life.  Maybe not.  Gansey was being very mysterious in Blue Lily Lily Blue with his visit to the faculty lounge and staying late after school.  What was he doing?  Does it have anything to do with how he knows he’s going to die.  If anyone has read or listened to the first chapter, you know that Gansey has figured out what his voice on the tape of St. Marks Eve meant.  He knows that he is going to die.  Did this realization start when he was in the cave and heard the wasps?  Or was it when Persephone died?  Who knows but now that he does know, how is going to deal with the knowledge. I think he is going to throw everything into the search.  If he is going to die, finding Glendower is going to be his final thing he does. Let’s not forget the kiss.  Blue’s kiss of death. Haha, Just kidding. Kinda.  That’s tomorrow’s topic.

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