Discussion: The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater Part 4

the raven king Ronan is a greywaren.  He can bring items from his dreams.  Adam made a bargain with Cabeswater and now has a mystical connection with the forest and Blue is a mirror.  She reflects other’s powers off of them and makes them more powerful.  Gansey has brought together a powerful crew to assist him in his search.  Ronan has fully embraced his powers and seems to have a pretty good understanding of how it works and how it affects Cabeswater.  Adam is still learning how to use his new powers and how to communicate with Cabeswater.  Even though the death of Persephone was a blow to his learning, I got the sense that by the end of Blue Lily Lily Blue he was in a much better place.  How he and Ronan took control of the expedition into the cave the last time showed a new kind confidence in him that he didn’t have before.  Blue is wild card because she is just discovering her powers.  So how will all of their powers combine help with the search for Glendower?  You know that they will have to work together if they are going to find him.

Also, will Ronan figure out to save Matthew from the same fate as their mom?  (BTW, Ronan’s mom is named Aurora.  Do you know who else is named Aurora? Sleeping Beauty.  Guess who just made that connection?  Me, that’s who.) Will this have any effect on the search and Cabeswater? Will we find out more about the mask of Niall and how it relates to Adam?  Is Ronan also a little psychic too or was it just a random dream?  So many questions that need to be answered.

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