In Memoriam of all the Series that Ended in 2016

In the tradition of award shows every way, we at Stacks would like to recognized those series that are no longer with us.  They have ended.  They and solved all their mysteries and tied up any loose ends.  We were said to see them go but they will always be remembered for the joy that brought to our lives.

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Quick Review: Sea Spell by Jennifer Donnelly

sea spell Let’s be honest this series is nothing but fluff, not that is a bad thing or anything. We all need a little fluff in our lives.  It was entertaining but I’m glad that this was the final book because I’m not sure what more they could do.  That being said it was definitely left open for a spin off series.  The mermaids or merls (I’m not going to miss the cutesy sea inspired words) have finally regrouped with their talismans and take out Sera’s uncle and the evil mage Orfeo and his monster.  Sera, Neela, Ava, Ling, Becca and Astrid have all overcome their own trials to get to this point and worked together to win.  Astrid had the biggest arc of the ladies. She started off as standoffish and refused to help but after being shown kindness from the other girls, she knows that she has to help.  She sets off to find Orfeo in hopes of getting his talisman.  She expects to hate him but she finds that she starts to like him.  He does something that no one has been able to.  Give her back her magic and her pride.  He shows her the love and caring that has been denied to her since she lost the ability to sing.  Will she turn against her new friends? Of course not but there were times that I really couldn’t blame her if she did.  Sera grew from a girl fearful of not living up to her mother’s standard to true leader.  Becca learned to give up some control and trust others to help.  The others helped but had little to do throughout the series.  So yes it was fluff and not the greatest story of all time but it had it’s moments.  Anyone looking for a series to read on their summer vacation this isn’t a bad pick, as long as you don’t mind all the cutesy words.