Library Books

As you know from reading my tags (which I’m sure you all do), I get a lot of my books from the public library. This is strategic on my part. As a graduate student who is a year away from having her PhD, I’m hoping (and working my butt off so) that in a year I will be packing all of my belongings and moving someplace else for a job. So, the fewer books I buy (and I love buying books) the fewer books I have to pack and move.

Plus, I have a lot of fun on the library’s website. I like to make lists of books I am interested in and then work my way through the lists. Recently, many of the books I’ve wanted have had waiting lists, so it is fun to put yourself on the list and then anticipate the book. You get an email telling you that it is your turn. It is a little like Christmas! So, this is the trade off. I don’t get to buy endless stacks of books but I do get to create lists and then pick up books at the library. As far as trades go, it is not bad.

There is one problem with this, though. When everything you’re waiting for becomes available at the same time. I currently have five things checked out from the library that our due in the next 5-12 days. They were all on waiting lists so I had to check them out or lose my spot on the list. I’ve only managed to start three of them and so far only managed to finish one of them. I guess I just need to read faster!

Also, I feel a little guilty that I have books checked out that I haven’t gotten to start yet that other people are waiting for.

Of course, if I don’t make it to the end of all of the books before I have to return them, I can always put myself back on the waiting list. This is something I had to do with Gilead. It doesn’t bother me to break up the reading of a book. I’m pretty well trained in reading more than one thing at a time and spreading the readings out.

Do you check books out from your public library? How do you feel about waiting lists? Are they a source of anticipation-creation or frustration? What is your favorite part of your public library? Join us in the comments!

Reader Troubles

I’m not normally the kind of reader (or person in general) that makes myself finish one thing before I start another thing. (Sometimes, I eat my dessert before finishing my peas.) I have no trouble starting a book right after I started a book. Back in the day, before there were ebooks and audiobooks that automatically downloaded to my fancy phone, this was easy to accomplish. I had the book on my bedside table and the book in my purse and the book in my backpack. I would read whatever was available. Now that I have ebooks and audio books (I still read physical books, though!) that will sync across platforms I don’t have the same excuse. So, now I just try to limit myself to one physical book, one ebook and one audio book at a time. Some days, it is really difficult, though.

Under Heaven

I have the audio book of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Under Heaven checked out from the public library. I have re-checked it out once and I only have it for another 9 days and I’m more than half way done. I’m really enjoying it! Every time I think, “Meh, I can see where this is going.” I get a section from a different character’s perspective and my theories are blown! It is really good! But, I am very excited that Mime Order is out and every bone in my body wants to start listening to it. Right now. I especially want to listen to it because I know Beth has finished it and is dying to talk about it. Ah, the frustration!

Under Heaven is really good though. And, I imagine Mime Order won’t get stale waiting.

Do you read more than one book at a time? How do you manage it? Have you put a book aside to get to something exciting you’ve been waiting for?