Reader Troubles

I’m not normally the kind of reader (or person in general) that makes myself finish one thing before I start another thing. (Sometimes, I eat my dessert before finishing my peas.) I have no trouble starting a book right after I started a book. Back in the day, before there were ebooks and audiobooks that automatically downloaded to my fancy phone, this was easy to accomplish. I had the book on my bedside table and the book in my purse and the book in my backpack. I would read whatever was available. Now that I have ebooks and audio books (I still read physical books, though!) that will sync across platforms I don’t have the same excuse. So, now I just try to limit myself to one physical book, one ebook and one audio book at a time. Some days, it is really difficult, though.

Under Heaven

I have the audio book of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Under Heaven checked out from the public library. I have re-checked it out once and I only have it for another 9 days and I’m more than half way done. I’m really enjoying it! Every time I think, “Meh, I can see where this is going.” I get a section from a different character’s perspective and my theories are blown! It is really good! But, I am very excited that Mime Order is out and every bone in my body wants to start listening to it. Right now. I especially want to listen to it because I know Beth has finished it and is dying to talk about it. Ah, the frustration!

Under Heaven is really good though. And, I imagine Mime Order won’t get stale waiting.

Do you read more than one book at a time? How do you manage it? Have you put a book aside to get to something exciting you’ve been waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Reader Troubles

  1. I find the best approach is to just read whatever I’m inclined to read at any given moment. I usually try not to read more than one book at a time, but there have been moments in my life when I have. I haven’t attempted to do that recently though. I do find it necessary to take detours though. For a while I was exclusively reading Stephen King chronologically, but then I got tired and wanted to read other things. When I started the Bond series, I had intended to just read all of Fleming’s books straight through but then, other books caught my attention so I took detours. Everyone is different so I think the best approach is “whatever works.”


    • I like the whatever works approach. 🙂 I just get so easily distracted by new things. I saw an article on a news website the other week about novelty and its effects on the brain. The article was mostly about Facebook and Twitter but j think it applies here a little, too. I’m happy to have stuck with Under Heaven, though. it’s definitely building to some kind of epic climax and I’m really interested in how it plays out.

      So, that works. ;D

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