Review: Civil War by Mark Millar

civil warI have to remind myself that the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is not the same as Marvel Comic Universe. The Captain America and Iron Man that we have grown to love in the movies are not exactly the same in the comics.  They may share some story lines, traits and beliefs but really they are different characters.  As is the story is going to be a different story then the movie.  For one thing thing, in the comic the story relies kinda heavily on the involvement of both the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, both teams that do not exist in the MCU.  So the reasons why the registrations of Superhero’s is necessary had to be changed but the central argument seems to be the same.  To have a governing body to oversee superhero activities or continue to have autonomy on their work.  I can understand both sides.  On one hand, just because you have super human abilities does not mean you are or should be above the law and do what ever you like and then force other people to pay to clean up your mess.  On the other hand, you can’t force someone to work for someone without a choice of employers.Not everyone has the same prioritize and they shouldn’t be forced to submit to others.  I’m not sure how it’s going to play out in the movie since it doesn’t come out until Friday but I feel like the in the comic they were definitely more Team Captain.  Team Iron Man was doing all sorts of shady things.  Cloning older superheroes and creating new ones who will follow their directions.  Release super villains to track down the rebelling superheroes.  Who is supervising them?  The more I read the more I felt that people’s anger was misplaced.  What started it all was a few Mutants (were they actually X-men?) are filming a reality TV show.  They track down other mutants in Stanford, Connecticut. Even though they know they are out matched and they confront them anyway for the sake of better ratings.  They end up dying and taking with them a whole bunch of kids from a near by school. Now this is truly a tragedy but why blame all superheroes and not the producers and the network of the show that pushed them to get bigger rantings.  I haven’t read all the Civil War collections, as I see their are many, so maybe there are more to this then just that but it seems to me this is blaming all for the actions of few.  Say, like blaming the all Muslims for the actions of terrorist even though majority of Muslims live peaceful lives are are just as angry and appalled by the actions of Isis as everyone else.  Captain America, The Falcon, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four Spider-Man and so on are not going out looking for trouble they are only responding when there is.  That’s a big difference.  Maybe regulations should be made but this all of nothing solution that is presented in this is probably not the way.  I found this book to be enjoyable.  Gave me a lot to think about.  Not sure if if really prepared me for what’s to come in the movie since as I said in the beginning these are different beasts but I’m glad I did.

Review: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Featured imageI did it. I have completed my summer’s Pop Culture Homework Assignment and still have a couple more weeks before the kids go back to school. (Kids in NYC go back ridiculously late.) I’ve read four books.  Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott, 13 Blue Little Envelopes and Last Little Blue Envelope (extra credit) by Maureen Johnson and A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.  I feel very good about all of this.  I’ve read three non-fiction books, which is three more than I read all of last year.  I read about two brave women and how they overcame their struggles and came out stronger.  I got a feel for what it’s like to hike and camp and it still has no appeal to me but I can see how it might appeal to others.  I also got to read a new book form an author I really like.  I would say it was a productive summer.

So A Walk in the Woods was enjoyable.  I can definitely see why Kate loves it so much.  Bill and his friend Stephen Katz are two people who probably shouldn’t be hiking but they did and they made it.  Ok, maybe Bill but definitely not Katz.  Bill moves to New Hampshire and finds out it’s right by the Appalachian Trail and decides, he’s going to hike it because why not.  Out of no where, his long lost friend Katz decides to do it with him. Like Cheryl in Wild, they have no idea of what they are getting themselves into.  Sure, they’ve done some hiking before but nothing like this.  Reading their misadventures was a delight.  From their struggles with their packs, the people they meet and their run-ins with animals that were real or imaginary was amusing.  The best part of the book is when they are together.  In the middle, Katz has to go back to Des Moines for a job and Bill continues on his own.  It’s not that I don’t like Bill, it’s I liked him more when he had Katz to play off.  If they were a comedic duo, Bill would be Desi to Katz’s Lucy.  The book read faster and I was more interested.  When it was just Bill, I felt like he spent more talking about history and other tangents and while interesting, it slowed the pace down.  Maybe he spent so much time talking about other things because he was by himself he obviously didn’t have any witty dialogue to include. The Appalachian Trail is older then the Pacific Crest Trail that Cheryl hiked and so it had a lot more places to stop.  Also, it’s surrounded by more towns and people, so Bill and Katz had more chances of interacting with people on and off the trail.  It was interesting to see how they were treated when they left the trail.  In some cases like Gods and others indifference.  All and all it was an enjoyable read.  I’m glad I read it.

The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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So here I go making my first attempt at a review. Be kind everyone. Also, this does contain some spoilers.

So the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout contains five books, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origins and Opposition. Six books if you count the prequel novella, Shadows and seven if you can’t Obsession. The series follows Katy, a regular girl, who loves to read and gardening and Daemon, the really hot boy next door with a very bad attitude.  The story begins with Katy moving to small town, Petersburg, West Virginia, from Gainesville, Florida.  Her father died of couple of years earlier from cancer and her mother has decided that she and Katy needed a change of scenery to move on with their lives. A bit cruel to do it to Katy right before her senior year but whatever. Katy, self describes herself as boring.  She much rather stay at home and read and then blog about what she just read and then hang out online stalking her blog comments then go outside and hang out.  I can totally understand the wanting to read all the time instinct.  Anyway, Katy is so boring that her mother has no problem working all the time and leaving Katy home alone all the time to work. because you know nothing bad is going to happen, right.  At the encouragement of Katy’s mother, she goes next door to introduce herself to her neighbors and try to make friends before school starts.  Enter Daemon Black, who in perfect meet the hot guy fashion, opens the door, shirtless and showing off his perfect male model body, that no normal 17 year-old boy should have. Katy is rendered speechless by Daemon and Daemon jumps on it to immediately but rude and condescending.Let’s just say, their first meeting didn’t go well. However, it sets up their relationship of verbal sparring through out the series.

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A Sisters’ Revenge

***This post contains minor spoilers from book series, The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.***

I hate spoilers.  I want to know but I really don’t want to know.  I like to discover the surprises, twists and turns of a book, movie or TV show as I’m reading or watching.  So because of my dislike of spoilers, I don’t want to spoil things for anyone else either.  My good intentions, have got me in trouble. Case in point, with my sister and fellow bloggess, Kate.  Last year, I turned her on to Laini Taylor’s amazing series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

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