A Sisters’ Revenge

***This post contains minor spoilers from book series, The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.***

I hate spoilers.  I want to know but I really don’t want to know.  I like to discover the surprises, twists and turns of a book, movie or TV show as I’m reading or watching.  So because of my dislike of spoilers, I don’t want to spoil things for anyone else either.  My good intentions, have got me in trouble. Case in point, with my sister and fellow bloggess, Kate.  Last year, I turned her on to Laini Taylor’s amazing series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

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If you haven’t read them, they are great.  They follow Karou, your typical normal, blue haired girl, who was raised by “monsters”. She meets a mysterious boy, Akiva, and things go crazy from there because that boy is a Seraphim and Karou is not human after all.  A very basic description that doesn’t do the series justice but anyway, I hope you get the idea.

Well, Kate found herself a new book boyfriend in Akiva’s half-brother, Hazael.  Through the course of her reading the first two books, she would text me comments about her love of Hazael and how great and wonderful he is.  Since I had finished those books already (Dreams of Gods and Monsters, book 3 had not been released yet and Kate still hasn’t read it so shhh…) I sent back vague responses but to her knowing that Hazael was not long for this world.  Let’s just say, that when she did get to where Hazael dies nobly, I got some very upset and livid text messages.(No seriously, I should have saved those text messages)  How could I let her go on and on, knowing he was doomed?, she asked.  How could I tell her? It would ruin the ending of the book!  I hasn’t let me forget this act of sisterly fail and secretly, I think she has been waiting for her chance to get back to me.

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Cue this week. While messing around on my nook, seeing what was for sale, I came across Obsidian, the first book in the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout. It was free. It vaguely sounded familiar and it was free, so of course I downloaded it and started reading it.  It was really good. I was sucked in by Daemon, who is such an ass I love him and Katy, who has some spunk in her. I really liked Daemon’s sister Dee.  How could you not feel for the little Alien girl who just wanted to live a normal life?

Kate had read this series over the summer when she was Mexico. Now I remember why the books are so familiar.  She talked about Daemon before. After I finished Obsidian and immediately downloaded the rest of the series plus the prequel, Shadows. Shadows covers what happens to Dawson and Bethany. (Off topic, I am not OK with Bethany being used as a nickname for Elizabeth!)  I read that next and immediately I had some ideas of what was coming next for the seeing and so I sent my ideas to Kate.  I was pretty sure that Dawson and Bethany was not dead.  That they were indeed being held hostage by the Department of Defense. Kate, knowing how I feel about spoilers, didn’t say anything (I was right) so she changed the subject.

Dee and Adam are kinda a tragic story.  The Luxen race are basically

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refugees on our planet.  They are also not that many of them and the men out number the women.  No pressure on poor Dee. From as long as Dee and Adam have known each other, it has been expected that they will mate and continue the Luxen species. This was obviously rough on both of them because no one likes to be forced into anything. During Onyx, they decide to see what they really have with each other and discover they do indeed have feelings for each other, other than being friends.  I should have known. I also should have known I was being set up. While I did find their romance to be cute and adorable, I didn’t really invest in them until after she mentioned them. So I shouldn’t have been have surprised when he died but still!

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See she totally set me up!  and then tried to pass it off as if she was being a good sister and not wanting to spoil it for me. Nope, I know she did this to me on purpose. I’m on to you sister. (A little aside, isn’t Cooper, Kate’s cat cute?) So now Kate, we are even.  I let you down and now you did the same.

That aside, I’ve been enjoying the Lux series and is currently on book three Opal.  Yes, it does have a little bit of the typical YA supernatural romance/adventure novel to it. But I don’t mind that. Yes, I have been able to guess some of the twists (reading the prequel helped) but I’ve enjoyed the ride getting there.  I like Katy and Daemon’s back and forth banter.  I also like, how feisty Katy is.  Yes, at times she frustrates me (as does Daemon) but she is not shrinking violet. She’s able to defend herself and isn’t afraid to speak up for herself.  That being said, like a lot of a YA novels, a lot of the problems could have been solved if the characters would talk to each other and not keep secrets but I guess we wouldn’t have a series then.

How do you feel about feel about spoilers? Has this ever happened to you?  Have I done this to you? I’m sure Kate is not the only one I upset but not telling.  Post your stories in the comments below.

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