Quick Review: Deadfall by Anna Carey

deadfallThe sequel to Blackbird was satisfying as the first book.  Deadfall picks up right where Blackbird ended.  “Sunny” is reunited with Rafe, the boy from the island on the train to New York.  Rafe memories have already come back to him and has made contact with other victims of the hunt in New York. Together they try to connect with the others and figure out how to bring them down.  Things get even more complicated when Ben is sent in to try to bring her back but instead chooses to side her.  The twists and turns go back and forth and we find out deep the game goes and far people will go for the ultimate thrill.  The scariest part is how easy it is for people to look at others people as less then human.  The hunters don’t see these kids as kids but as targets.  To them these are just runaway kids with no futures and no one will miss so it’s totally okay to hunt them for sport.  This novel is also written in second person like the first and lends itself to the urgency and the paranoia of our characters.  In the end our heroine finds out who she is.  Her memories are not fully back but for the first time in a long time she can be herself.  For mystery and action fans, this duology is worth checking out.


The Glass Sword came out yesterday.  I preordered my copy over a month ago thinking I would get it by today because that is what I was told to expect it.  Well, it wasn’t shipped until yesterday and I’m not supposed to get it until Friday.  FRIDAY! I finished Deadfall on my commute home last night.  So what do I read now?  This is my dilemma. Do I read something new and run the risk of not finishing it by the time Glass Sword gets here? And then do I finish reading the new book or do I start Glass Sword because that’s what I really want to read? I’ve never been a fan of stopping and starting books.  I like to read them all the way through.  It’s part of why I mostly only read one back at a time, though I have done the two books before. So my other option is to read something I’ve already read before.  It won’t be that hard for me to stop in the middle if I don’t finish because I’ll know how it ends.  That would make the most sense but then I’ll lose my momentum on my book challenge.  Not that my challenge is all that difficult since I know I can read 65 books in a year but I do hate to lose.  Do you have this problem?  What do I do?

Review: Blackbird by Anna Carey

blackbird I admit that I have had this book sitting on my Nook for awhile now.  It was one of those it’s on sale impulse buys.  I read Anna Carey’s her Eve series.  It was great until the last book.  I was really frustrated with how Eve spends the entire series running away from getting pregnant to only get pregnant anyway. So I bought this book but held off reading it and really only decided to read it because it’s not that long.  Only about 186 pages on the Nook.  It’s completely different from Eve.  Instead of of being another dystopian novel, it’s a contemporary novel.  Our heroine wakes on a LA subway track with no memory of who she is or how she got there.  All she has on her is a bookbag, money, a fresh shirt and a notebook that instructs her to stay away from the police and call this number.  She does and arrives at the appointed office to find that it’s empty and the safe is open with money missing.  She’s been set up and forced to be on the run.  She quickly realizes that she’s being followed and some of them want to kill her.  She turns for help to Ben.  A boy she caught selling pot on her first day.  The two set out to try to figure out who she is and what is going on.  Why are people trying to kill her?  Who is orchestrating it?  Who is she? Is there anyone one looking for her?

The intriguing thing about this book is that it’s written in the second person.  I’m not sure I’ve read a book written in that voice before.  In short stories yes but not a novel.  It lends it well to the narrative.  It really adds to the uncertainty and paranoia of our character. However it took a while for me to get used to it.  “Sunny” as she calls herself since she doesn’t remember her name is resourceful.  She has small snippets of her past but she doesn’t know if they are real or not or how they relate to what is going on with her.  She finds that she knows how to do things that suggest that maybe she wasn’t all that innocent as she would like.  She knows how to pick locks and how to evade people who are following her.  She also knows how to fight.  This makes her a little uneasy about herself.  I like her, she’s quick on her feet and smart.  She comes to the same conclusion of what is going on the same time I did but her story isn’t over yet.  We have one book to go to find out more about the people who are hunting her and if she finally be able to out run them or take them down.