Quick Review: Deadfall by Anna Carey

deadfallThe sequel to Blackbird was satisfying as the first book.  Deadfall picks up right where Blackbird ended.  “Sunny” is reunited with Rafe, the boy from the island on the train to New York.  Rafe memories have already come back to him and has made contact with other victims of the hunt in New York. Together they try to connect with the others and figure out how to bring them down.  Things get even more complicated when Ben is sent in to try to bring her back but instead chooses to side her.  The twists and turns go back and forth and we find out deep the game goes and far people will go for the ultimate thrill.  The scariest part is how easy it is for people to look at others people as less then human.  The hunters don’t see these kids as kids but as targets.  To them these are just runaway kids with no futures and no one will miss so it’s totally okay to hunt them for sport.  This novel is also written in second person like the first and lends itself to the urgency and the paranoia of our characters.  In the end our heroine finds out who she is.  Her memories are not fully back but for the first time in a long time she can be herself.  For mystery and action fans, this duology is worth checking out.

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