Quick Review: Dangerous Damsels Series by India Holton

This series was so delightful. The perfect fluffy romance and action and excitement. You have the perfect Victorian maiden’s who just happened to be Pirates, witches and secret agents. All working together, against each other and all in between. The First book has Cecelia who wants to finally join the ranks of the Wisteria Society and claim her right as a Pirate Queen her mother is but when her father kidnaps the Society it is up to her and Captain to save them. Delightful.

And then we are introduced to Charlotte, a powerful witch who like everyone else is after the a powerful artifact. She teams up with Pirate Alex, putting aside decades long feud to get it back. Magical. I love them.

And then finally, we have Alice and Daniel, undercover agents who have posed as maids and butlers for the forementioned pirates and witches. Because really who would be the best informants and spies then the people who are always there but rarely seen. Maybe my favorite of the all three.

Each book is a different following a different couple but the sense of humor is the same in all three and I can not recommend them enough. If you are looking for a fun, light read you can’t do wrong with this series.