Quick Review: The Storyteller by Traci Chee

Where to begin? The Reader trilogy is so well done. It really took you on a journey. From Sefia being just a girl on the run to a powerful sorcerer. Archer being a scared killer to a leader. They all have come a long way. The central theme is do we control our own fate or is it already determined. I won’t say how what the answer is because it’s a huge spoiler but maybe the biggest take away is whatever your fate is it’s irrelevant. It’s what you do and the impact you have on people that is more important. You touch so many people that you don’t know and probably will never know the impact. It was a harsh lesson for Sefia and Archer as they struggle with their own self doubt and the knowledge of what they had to do to accomplish what has to be done. Captain Reed has traveled the seas to ensure that his legacy will live on and so then would live on. Tanin who is willing to destroy the world to figure out why her two best friends would leave her and all they fought for behind. It was amazing series and I know this write up doesn’t do it justice but I don’t want give to much away. Go read it. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Review: The Reader by Traci Chee

So, Beth already reviewed this book and I wasn’t paying attention at all when I started reading it that we already had a review of it. To be honest, I was just thinking to myself, “crap, I’m going to fail my own challenge! I have to step up my game!” (And, then I did go and fail my own challenge.) This book was totally worth the read. It is a number of stories that are intertwined. The first is the main narrative about Sefia, a young girl who has lived as a nomad with her Aunt Nin since her father was murdered and after her Aunt’s kidnapping has to go it alone in order to find her Aunt and take her revenge against the rescuers. Along the way she meets Archer and is hunted by the kidnappers. The second narrative is the story of Lon, a fast learner and apprentice to the Master Librarian of a Secret Society. And, then there is the story of Captain Reed and his ship and crew that are bound for the edge of the world.


I listened to this book on audio and it absolutely sucked me in. The book was read by Kim Mai Guest and she did an amazing job of bringing all of the characters to life. Like Beth, I cannot wait to for the next one to come out!


I checked this book out from the Buffalo and Erie County Public Libraries.

Review: The Reader by Traci Chee

the reader A world without books sounds terrible. Who would ever want to live like that.  I know there are people in this world who can read but choose not and it’s baffling but that has nothing to do with this book.  Books can really change a life.  For Sefia, her life was simple until her father is murdered and she is forced to go on the run with her Aunt Nin.  For years, her parents have been hiding a mysteriously item and people are hunting down Sefia and Nin for it.  When Nin gets kidnapped, Sefia finally decides it’s time to find out what she’s carrying and why people murdered her father and how she can get Nin back.  It is a book. It tells her.  In Sefia’s journey she is joined by another orphan, Archer and pirates.  Meanwhile there are dual narratives of Lon, an apprentice to the Master Librarian.  A secret society that is tasked with gathering all the knowledge of the world and controlling it.  They spend their time recopying texts from one manuscript to another and learning to see people’s pasts in vision.  Lon proves to be a fast learner and with the help of the Second, a assassin apprentice he begins to see things are not as they seem.  We also meet Captain Reed and his crew first in Sefia’s book and then for real.  At first it was confusing with all these story lines going on at the same time.  I could tell that they were all meant to tie together but it just didn’t jive.  I started to guess that one of the story lines wasn’t happening at the same time as the others and then things started to make sense for me.  It was an exciting first book to a new series.  Sefia is strong and resourceful.  She is resolute in finding the ones she loves.  She teaches herself how to read and discovers the secret of the book.  Archer has an equally tragic backstory.  Taken from his family at a young age, he is raised in violence and forced to fight to the death.  It’s all mixed with tension and intrigued.  I can’t wait to read the next one.