Review: The Walls Between Us by Nova Ren Suma

Featured imageThere are some authors that other authors just swoon over.  Nova Ren Suma is one of them and I really don’t get it.  Her prose is quite beautiful but I’ve always had a hard time getting into her books and they are not that memorable after I have read them. The only thing I remember about the other book I have read by her, Imaginary Girls was that it had a good ending and I think one of the girls died for the other.  The common thread of these books is that her characters are shrouded in mystery.  I’m not sure what I’m missing.  It’s not that I don’t like her books but I don’t find them to be as wonderful as I they are supposed to be.  Then again, reading is subjective.  What someone likes someone else might not.

The Walls Around Us is the story of three girls.  Amber is in a juvenile dentition center for girls, serving time for a crime she may or may not have committed with little chance of getting out anytime soon.  Violet is a ballet dancer, who is on the verge of getting everything she has ever wanted.  She just graduated high school and is about to start at Julliard for more training.  Orianna is the link between the two of them.  As the story unfolds, we discover who did what and who is innocent and who is guilty.

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