Book Reader Problems: I can’t find my Nook

I can’t find my Nook.  This is a problem since the book I was hoping to read next is on it.  I know I can read it on my iPad in the Nook app but it’s not the same.  I actually don’t like reading on my iPad as much.  It’s 3rd Generation so it’s big and kinda heavy.  In a crowded train (where I do most of my reading) it’s hard to hold up to read.  My Nook, an old Nook tablet is smaller and lighter and more convenient in a crowded train car.  The thing is I can’t remember the last time I had it.  I order most of my ebooks on my nook itself and the last time I purchased an ebook was on January 1st.  All the books I have read this year have been physical books or a few digital readers copies, which is just easier to download to my iPad, then downloading to my computer and then downloading to my Nook.  I know that realistically that my Nook is somewhere in my apartment.  I’ve looked in all the usual places.  My living room and my bedroom.  My apartment only has three rooms so there isn’t that many places it could be.  It’s not like someone would come into my apartment and only take my outdated Nook and leave my laptop, iPad and TV.  It’s here, it’s just finding it.  I may have to clean my apartment to find it.  Ugh

Reader Problems

You know when you are reading a book.  You love it.  You love the characters.  You become invested in one or two of the characters. For this instance, you are involved with two.  You want them together.  You totally ship them.  They are finally realized they are in love with each other and finally, FINALLY, do something about it.  They are happy.  You are happy.  All is great and then realize that you haven’t even reached the half way point of the book and there are at least two more books to come.  You start to panic because you know the happiness your characters feel now is not going to last that much longer.  Something bad is about to happen.  You accidentally read the synopsis of the next book in the series, so you know there is a death is coming.  Now your even more frazzled because what if it’s one of your beloved!  NO!  It can’t be!  They are HAPPY!  Can’t they be happy?  You want to turn away and stop reading but you can’t.  It’s a like a car accident as much as you want to look the other direction, you can’t help yourself from looking straight ahead.  So you keep reading towards the inevitable.  Hoping for the best but bracing yourself for the worst.

That is exactly where I am right now in the The Crown of Midnight.  Something book is about to happen.  I just know it and I’m not prepared for it.  Nope, not at all.  Pray for me brothers and sisters readers.