A Wizard of Earthsea, Chapter 10: The Open Sea

Did Ged succeed?  Will Ged and Vetch return home to Vetch’s brother and sister?  What did you think of the first book of the Earthsea Cycle?  Leave us a comment on your thoughts.

Ged and Vetch set out after the Shadow.  Ged knows where to go as he and the shadow are connected.  They continue to go further east until they have gone passed the known world.  They continue to go into the Open Sea, that no one has ever come back.  For days, they go further and further, through rain and other harsh conditions until finally they find the end of the world and cross over.  Ged sees the Shadow, who shows him many faces and they clash.  Ged knows the Shadows name as it is his own and that is it’s undoing. At that moment, Ged becomes whole as he finally knows himself.  Ged and Vetch return back and it takes them 16 days until they find land again and only a few days more until they finally return back to Vetch’s home.  However, the story of Ged facing his shadow falls into rumor and mystery as Vetch never sings the song of their adventure but I’m sure we will learn more about Ged as the Earthsea Cycle continues.

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