Review: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

children of blood and bone This novel had a lot of hype around it and I’m glad to say it was justified.  From the very beginning I was hooked.  With the exception of one section, it was fast paced and gripping.  I immediately liked Zelie and was rooting for her to succeed.  I was drawn to Amari and struggle to right the wrongs of her family and battling her own fears. Both of these women are strong and brave.  They have their own flaws but when it came to helping those in need they didn’t hesitate to step in.  It’s beautifully written and full of lush imagery that I felt I was taken to an Orisha just as I was taken to Wakanda in Black Panther.  There is so much potential in how this series will unfold that I really can not wait to read the next book.  Like I want it right now!

That being said, there were a few things that I didn’t particularly like and leave that under the cut.  So yes, this is a fantastic book and the characters were amazing except for Inan.  Inan is the Prince of Orisha and Amari’s brother.  As Captain of the Guards it was his responsibilty to track down Amari and Zelie and bring back the scroll.  He is all about Duty before self and protecting his country from the threats of the Diviners because that is what he was told by the King, his father.  That was until he discovered that he was a diviner. He would spend the rest of the novel whining about how he was cursed and then after a battle with Zelie where he sees her pain decides Magic should come back.  Only to decide that magic is bad once he actually sees the try strength of magic and what Diviners can actually do.  Like pick a lane man.  He changes his mind too easily that i fail to see how he could ever expect to be the king as his opinions seems to depend on who ever he talked to last.

The other issue I had was the portion of the book where they met other Diviners.  They find this camp full of Diviners who are hiding out from the government.  Tell them that they have a way to bring back magic for good and that they have a pretty tight timeline to get it down.  Instead of gearing up immediately, they decide to have a party where ships are allowed to flourish, feelings are hurt and tragedy to happen.  I understand it was meant to set up the finale but to me it bogged down the pace of the novel.  I felt it went on a lot longer than necessary.

Other than those too things, I highly recommend this book.  This is going to be a story we talk about for years.

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