Pop Culture Homework Assignment

Summer is upon us, Dearest Readers! Ah, summer, those halcyon days when school is out, the days are long, and you can read whatever you want all day long! Or, you could as a child but now you are adult and have them same constraints in the summer as you had in the winter. (Before someone points that I am, in fact, still in school let me preempt you stating that *because* school is out, this is prime data collection time for me, which means I have even more work to do now, all of it work I have to do someplace not where I live. Lucky me! (No, really, Lucky me!) Also, apologies about that crazy run-on sentence.)

But, we here at StackExLifeEx are planning a summer time reading challenge. We’re calling it the Pop Culture Homework Assignment. (Hat-tip to our friends, B and E, who have been giving each other pop culture homework assignments for years.) The assignments will be different for each of us: we will be assigning each other things outside of our comfort zones. We’ll post reading updates this summer and you’re more than welcome to join us. (Either by challenging yourself or by reading along with one of us.)

So, Dearest Readers, what makes you excited for summer? What summer reads do you have in your queue?