Quick Review: Pip Bartlett’s Guide for Magical Creatures by Jackson Pearce and Maggie Stievfater

Featured imageSince this book will not be published until April 28, I’ll keep this review short.  First this book is adorable. Pip Bartlett is a smart, curious and kind girl, who just loves animals, especially magically ones.  As far as she knows, she is the only person who can talk to them and they can talk to her. Of course, being the only one means that no one else believes you. After an unfortunate incident with a couple of unicorns, Pip gets sent to live with her Aunt Emma, who is a magical creatures vet for the summer.  Pip is thrilled! When an infestation of Fuzzles threatens the town, it’s up to Pip, her new friend Tomas, Aunt Emma and Cousin Callie to save everyone.

Pip is great! She’s fun and funny.  Honest in a way that only a kid can be.  The book and Pip really come to life with Maggie’s illustrations.  They give the reader not only a insight into what the creatures look like and how they behave but also gives us insight into Pip herself, as she interjects her own opinions and observations.  Tomas is a good friend to have as a sidekick.  The one drawback is the villain of the story is mean and rude but for really no reason than she hates all magical creatures.  The good thing about being a series is that we have time to figure out why.

So if you have kids or don’t, check it out when it comes out later this month.

What I’m Thankful for

So, it’s Thanksgiving.  The one day to gorge on food, watch football and share what we are thankful for. So here’s my literary Thanksgiving list (in no particular order)

I’m thankful for Maggie Stievfater for she is amazing.  Not only is she an unbelievable talented author but she she is also a muscian, artist, goat herder and crazy driver.  To say that I love her would be an understatment.  I love her.  She gave me one of my favorite Book boyfriend, James (from Lament and Ballet).  Her latest series the Raven Cycle, only gets better and eagarly (and dread) the final book, coming next year.

I am thankful for Percy Jackson.  You sarcastic, sassy demigod you.  I hope that after everything that he and his fellow demigods went through that he will get a chance to have a normal life and go to college and live happily ever after with Annabeth.

I’m thankful for Westeros. It’s such a messed up place made up of messed up people. I love it.  I’m still not caught up but since I have a good year before book six to come out and until April for the new season, I’m in no rush to finish.  I’ve got to make it last as long as I can.

I’m thankful for Maureen Johnson’s twitter.  Yes, I do love The Name of the Star and the Madness Underneath but really, her on twitter just makes me happy.  Is she insane or do just eccentric?  Whatever, she’s entertaining.

And I’m thankful for all my friends and family who keep recommending such great books.  I’ll never have enough time to read them all.  sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  What are you thankful for?