Quick Review: Everything I Need to Know I Learned From A Star Wars Little Golden Book

star-wars-golden-book Last Week I get a text from my Mom to say that she is sending me a book.  This book. What can I say, she knows me.  I love Little Golden Books.  I think like most people, Little Golden Books were some of the first books I read or were read too.  The Poky Little Puppy is my Mom’s favorite.  Every Christmas there is a book drive at Barnes and Noble and I donate The Poky Little Puppy in her honor.  The other thing from our childhood is Star Wars.  I distinctly remember our parents taking Kate and I out of school so we could go to the first showing at the local theaters for the re-release of A New Hope. So Star Wars and The Little Golden Books together is just the perfect gift.  This is such a cute book.  I wouldn’t say it’s a kids book.  I have a feeling it’s shelved in the Humor or even the self help section of Barnes and Noble but if wanted to read it to your kids it wanted too.  It’s a simple book that uses scenes from all the movies to talk you up.  Not everything is going to happen as you plan.  There are going to be dark times.  The dark side of the Force at the times may seem more appealing but in the long run it isn’t.  Friends will always find you under Cloud City or rescue you when you have been frozen in carbonate. So don’t let the bad out weigh the good.  And just like Yoda says “Do or Do not. There is no Try” so go read this book and relive the magic that is Star Wars and Little Golden Book and be inspired.