Review: Black Widow Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

Featured imageYou would think that this novel about the Black Widow would be about you know, the Black Widow. But it’s really not.  Natasha Romanoff has to share the lime light with two other characters.  I mean, the girl can’t ever catch a break.  First she gets shut out of all the promotional toys and now she can’t even be the main character in her own YA novel.  What does a super agent girl got to do to get some respect?  Ok, maybe I’m going a little overboard since she is still a major part of the story but she has to share the narrative with two new characters.  Ava, another prodigy of the Red Room that Natasha saves in one of her missions and Alex, who at first doesn’t seem at all connected to either lady but of course he is deeply connected to both of them.  We also get a little more insight into Natasha in between chapters, as we read transcripts from a hearing about how the mission we are reading about went bad.  Right away you know that one of them is not going to make it.  Continue reading