What I’m Reading/Listening to Now: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

So, it’s a little embarrassing that I haven’t already read this book. I preordered it before it came out. I sent a copy of my receipt to the publisher and got a packet of Carry On swag, which included a button that I might put on my jean jacket this month. I have a poster of this book’s cover. It is up on my walls. WHY HAVE I NOT READ THIS BOOK?

Nevermind. It doesn’t matter. I am going to read it now.

Beth and Kate read Rainbow Rowell Books

Hello and welcome to October! I talked Beth into a read along of sorts for this month. It is the most wonderful time of the year! It’s Autumn! Halloween approaches! Break out your books with wizards and vampires in them because this month I’m reading Carry On and Beth is reading the sequel Wayward Son both by Rainbow Rowell!

Still Reading: Pop Culture Homework Assignment

So, Wednesday nights in my house at the moment are for doing a little cleaning after dinner. While I clean, I’m still listening to Seafire. It is so good, but it is taking me forever to get through it.

This is the first time since we’ve started the Pop Culture homework assignment that I haven’t made it to the end before Labor Day. I’d like to say its because I’ve been very busy. But, it’s also because I’ve been spending my evenings watching Netflix.