Quick Review: The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

I picked this book because the premise sounded interesting and because I love Alisha Rai’s social media presence, but I’ve somehow never read any of her books.

This book is about Rhiannon, the founder of a dating app a little akin to bumble who, despite some obstacles, has built an amazing company and Samson; a former football star who ended his career early. They have met once before, through Rhiannon’s app. Imagine both of their surprise when Rhiannon goes to an industry event to try and meet the head of a dating website she’s keen on buying to grow her company only to meet Samson, the founder’s nephew and new website spokesperson.

Rhiannon and Samson were both very likable characters and I loved their interactions. The complicating factors were heartbreaking, but how they dealt with them separately and together was heartwarming. The romance was great. The spicy parts were nice and spicy. The resolution was the plot so very satisfying.

I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely be picking up more from Alisha Rai.

I read it as an audiobook. It is narrated by Summer Morton and Brian Pallino. Their takes on the characters were excellent. I got the book through audible. I’m almost caught up on my backlog of credits! (Although, not the backlog of books…)

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