What I’m Reading Now: The Mask Falling by Samantha Shannon

It’s been 4 years since the last book came out. Thank goodness for people posting their book recaps online. I’m ready now to see how Paige does in Scion Paris.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Now: The Mask Falling by Samantha Shannon

  1. I would imagine long gaps in between YA book series could present an issue keeping track of the stories. The plots of different series could likely blend together. Do you find it difficult after reading so many series or is it easy for you to recall everything once you dive into a new series entry?


    • I don’t find it hard to read so many series because there is enough differences between them. It’s just hard when there is such a long gap in between books. You get used to a year in between book cycle. This series isn’t technically YA. It’s categorized as “New Adult” which honestly is a distinction that really hasn’t picked up much steam. I

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      • I imagine most fiction authors of any genre must be talented enough at world building to make them distinctive enough so that readers can immerse themselves in their books. I suppose it depends on how much detail they pour into it and how much they expand upon it with subplots and secondary characters. There are some writers who can achieve an almost Tolkien-esque level of detail and expanded background surrounding the main characters. Other writers just focus on the main characters and try to tell a compelling story. There are different levels of commitment expected from the reader but each approach could be quite rewarding depending on the execution. Is there one you prefer over the other? Do you lean towards series where the writer clearly has an ambition to tell a wider more expansive story or do you lean towards a more direct yet compelling story where you get stories that may not expand beyond the main group of characters or even the book you’re reading? I guess with YA series it’s probably more likely the writers who expand who are more successful, but there are likely some very strong one off books in the genre as well. Are there times you find yourself more in the mood for one over the other?

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      • I’m not sure if I’m drawn to one or the other. I do like a good world building but at the same time I’m more forgiving for bad world building if the writing is good or vice versa. Reading JK’s other books has shown me that she’s not the best writer but is amazing at world building. Harry Potter works so much because the wizarding world is so vast and complex that it makes up for the poor writing and plot holes.

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      • That makes sense. I think there are pros and cons to each approach that can play to each writer’s strengths. With World building I imagine the advantage is that readers will crave more details about that world. With strong economical writing readers get a fulfilling story that has finite beginning, middle, and end. I was just curious.

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    • Kate said she was going to go back and reread the other books and I thought about doing it but I was like I could or I can just save time and search the internet. lol

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      • even better. In the back of the hardcover there’s a list of characters and little bios for each It’s like they knew we were having this discussion and needed a little primer. 😉

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