Since Beth and I set ourselves a summer challenge of re-reading the Twilight books (that neither of us completed), we are obviously not opposed to re-reads. I found out over Christmas that our Mother re-reads a book every year. It is the last book of a romance series in which a couple is getting married and all the couples from the previous books attend the wedding. I think, for her, it’s like checking on in old friends. I have, for the past few years, re-listened to the audiobook of the Hogfather. I enjoy it, but I also find myself, at the end of the year, thinking about Death giving a young girl a real sword for Hogswatch. (Perhaps it is that, around Yule, I am often doing a lot of grading and find myself thinking, “May this F be an important lesson to you.” I get pretty petty at the ends of semesters ;))

So, now I’m wondering: What do you re-read? What are your favorite worlds to revisit? What characters to you find yourself wanting to catch up with? And, do you catch up in other ways? Do you find yourself, instead of re-reading, diving into fan art/fan fiction? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Re-reads

  1. As you already know, I always love revisiting the Fleming Bond novels. Casino Royale and From Russia With Love tend to be the ones I reach for most often when I want to revisit literary Bond. I also enjoy revisiting some of my favorite Stephen King novels every so often. I think I might give Christine a re-read this year. It’s not one that gets mentioned too often but I think there’s some great stuff in that novel about friendships and the music references are great fun too.


  2. I re-read Wuthering Heights often. It is my favorite book since high school. I have always find it beautiful and haunting and makes me wonder what more Emily Bronte would have done if she hadn’t died so young.

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