A Wizard of Earthsea, Chapter 8: Hunting

How do you hunt a shadow?  And how do you defeat the undefeatable?  What do you think will happen next?

Ged sets out to hunt the Shadow as Ogion suggests.  He soon is sets out to sea and finds the Shadow.  The Shadow leads Ged on a chase and forces him to crash on a desolate island.  He finds a small cottage with two old people living there.  He makes himself at home and soon the old woman warms up to him enough to help him with his boat and gives him a gift.  He offers to take them away from island but they choose to stay behind for they have been away from civilization for too long to go back.  After leaving them,  he has another run in with the Shadow and grabs him but unable to do anything to defeat him.  Discouraged but still he moves on.

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