A Wizard of Earthsea, Chapter 7: The Hawk’s Flight

Sparrowhawk has survived his first encounter with the shadow and it has shaken him.  Will he have the strength to defeat it?

After the confrontation with the Shadow, Sparrowhawk finds himself in a strange place. He has made it to the Court of Terrenon.  We meet the lady of the court, Serret.  Ged is weary after his confrontation with the shadow.  Serret takes Ged in as her guests and tries to befriend him.  She tells him about the store that is housed there and how it told her of his coming and the stone can help him too.  They are interrupted by Serret’s husband who sees that Serret is conspiring against him and they flee.  Ged in hawk form flies all the way home to his old master Ogion.  After a few days of recovery, Ogion counsels Ged about what he should do next.  Instead of running, Ged should do what the shadow does not expect and hunt him.  That in time, he will learn it’s name.

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