A Wizard of Earthsea, Chapter 5: The Dragon of Pendor

So kids, what do we think so far of our dear Sparrowhawk?  As he sets out of Roke, what will become of him outside of it’s protection?  What do you think of this new, unsure Sparrowhawk?  And who’s excited for some dragons?!

So here we go.  Sparrowhawk has earned his staff and is a full fledge Wizard.  The Archmage sends him to Ninety isles to a small town of Low Torning who have a little dragon problem in the near island of Pendor.  Low Torning doesn’t have a lot of luxuries but Sparrowhawk is charmed by it.  He knows that the Shadow is still out there but he figures he has time to come into his powers before having to face him.  Sparrowhawk soon makes friends with a local fisherman named Pechvarry.  They go out on in the boats together.  Pechvarry young son gets sick and Sparrowhawk tries to save him but in doing so he sees his shadow. He knows he can’t stay in Low Torning for he will endanger them. So he sets out to take care of dragons as that is why he was there.  There are 10 dragons. The old dragon and his 9 kids.  Sparrowhawk takes care of a few before the old dragon finally comes out to face him. Sparrowhawk, using the dragon’s true name bargains with him.  Leave the people of the Ninety Isles alone and he will spare the dragons. The dragon tries to renegotiation by saying he knows the true name of what hunts him but Sparrowhawk is weary and finally gets the dragon agree to his demands and leaves.

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