A Wizard of Earthsea, Chapter 2: The Shadow

Welcome to the second discussion thread for A Wizard of Earthsea! This is for chapter 2 of the book! What do you think of Ogion the Silent? What do you think of magic in Earthsea? There are only been two women in the book so far, the witch in the village and the little girl? What do you think of them?


Summary behind the cut!

Sparrowhawk, whose true name is Ged, is now at Re Albi, living with Ogion the Silent. His life there is pretty easy, they wander the island for awhile and Ged learns what the locals call plants and other things on the walk, but he’s not learning any magic. Ogion tells him, “To hear, one must be silent.” Ged learns to read the runes of Hardic. And, he also learns lore. But, he learns no magic or enchantments. In the spring, he goes and gathers herbs for Ogion and on one of his trips he meets a little girl, the daughter of the old Lord of Re Albi. She teases him as they play that he doesn’t know any real magic. He gets worked up and promises to show her a spell of summoning. He runs back and begins reading from two big lore books that he gets down off of the shelf. As he’s reading, a darkness and a horror begins to fill him and the room. He can see a formless shadow in the corner. Its terrifying, but Ogion appears and drives it away. His master gives him a choice: stay here on Gont and learn or go to the Wizard school on Roke, the Island of the Wise. Ged chooses to go to Roke and boards a ship that carries him there.

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