Review: Endure by Sara B. Larson

endure  *Spoilers Ahead*

This is the final book in the Defy trilogy.  For those who are not familiar it follows Alexa who is a guard to Prince Damian but she has to be pretend she is a boy named Alex or be subjected to the cruel breeding houses.  Over the series Alex is exposed as Alexa, saves the Kingdom from the evil King of Antion, fall in love with the Prince but also have feelings for her fellow guard, Rylan. Then after all of that has the save kingdom once again from the even more evil King of the neighboring country of Dansaii.  That’s a real simplified synopsis but you get the idea.  It’s sort of the typical YA novel where the girl must defeat evil while trying to figure out who she loves at the same time.  It’s really isn’t much of a love triangle as Alexa is pretty clearly in love with Damian and Damian makes it pretty clear that he is in love with her but you know he’s the Prince and later the King and she’s just a guard. It can’t be simple as them saying I love you and be done with it.

Alexa is a good character.  She’s a fighter both figuratively and literally.  In this world there are sorcerers that have powers to create fires or earthquakes.  Alexa isn’t but a revelation that her father might have been one and she may have inherited some of his powers in the form of quick reflexes, which makes her on the best fighters in the Prince’s guard.  She is steadfast and loyal and despite many tragic deaths she still pulls though and gets things done.  As for the other characters, they are not as fleshed out as Alexa is. Damian is giving more time.  We get that he’s vulnerable and his doubts of his own abilities and loves Alexa. The same with Rylan.  He’s a good guy who always stands by Alexa but not much else.  I would have liked to know more about them and the other characters.  Maybe one of the flaws of first person story telling.  I get this feeling that YA authors are getting over their fears of killing off characters, no matter how important they are.  I think this is great because it does give books a little more drama.  I used to feel a little cynical when characters were in trouble because you sort of knew that authors wouldn’t risk alienating readers by killing off popular characters.  Well not any more.  Now it anyone can go and boy the body count is high in this one and many I was sad to see go.

It was good series with a good ending.  I’m glad that I read it but it’s not going to go down as one of my favorites.

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