Review: Live it! by Jairek Robbins


I don’t want to be a soda can. Metaphorically speaking, whether or not that can is full or empty, I don’t want to be it.

I have to stop buying self-help books. There was nothing new or interesting in this book. There was a lot of dialectal behavior therapy stuff and with some magical thinking thrown in. But, you know, DBT without any of the psychological support that you’d get from doing DBT with a therapist. But, if you don’t need the support and you think you can get by on 30 day challenges from an author alone, then do it. This book might be for you! Get in there! Or, something

It wasn’t for me. I picked this up in a BOGO sale from audible and I’m happy to report that I actually liked the other book I picked up with it so this wasn’t a total waste. This book, however, is dull and unoriginal. I even managed to doze off while listening to the part where the author describes his own personal brush with death. I don’t know if that makes me an exceptionally callus human being or if it makes him a bad storyteller?

Plus, Robbins reads the book as if Every. Sentence. Is. The. Most. Important. Sentence. In. The. Book. It irritated me. And, it made it hard to focus on what actually have been important.

I’d give this book a 2/10. I wouldn’t recommend it but if you read it and loved it I wouldn’t ruin your gushy good mood by telling you how much I hated it.

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