Update: Mime Order

it is out! I’m listening! (review of Under Heaven to come!)

This book starts exactly where Bone Season left off, so if you’ve not read that (or the first 20% or so of Mime Order ) massive spoilers ahead!

oh my god. So, they get on the train and barely make it back to London alive before Paige gets herself into all kinds of trouble. I’m so happy that Nell and at least some others got out alive. I’m worried about Julian, though. Also, I’m super worried about Nic. I don’t want him discovered and tortured! This is all not okay! And, Alfred! He seems delightful! I hope his sedition doesn’t get him into too much trouble!

I do not like this Hector character. He sounds like a right dick-faced asshole of an Under Lord. I hope Paige gets to beat on him some.

And, I have mixed feelings about Jax. Sometimes, I kinda love him because he does something that looks like he’s standing up for Paige but then he immediately turns around and is a manipulative prick. Actually, I don’t have mixed feelings. Dude’s a manipulative prick. Good. Glad I could work that out.

I don’t know how Paige is going to get the word out about the alien overlords. I really don’t. Oh, and before I get too far into my excited run-on sentences about the progress of this book: something super sketchy is going on with Jax and moola. I’m super concerned for the denizens of 1.4.

And where is Warden? Is he okay? Is the Blood Sovereign still at large and in charge? And, what’s the deal with the Buzzers? where exactly did they come from again? How does this whole æther/netherworld thing work? Answers must be given!


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