GoT Update

First, this post may contain spoilers.

So I’m on page 586, a little halfway through. I have a feeling that Dany’s marriage is not going to have the results she hopes for and talk about bad timing on Quentyn’s part. He travels halfway across the world to get there the day before the wedding of the woman he intended to married. Bummer.

I’ll give Lady Melisandre some credit for asking for Davos’ son stay with her so he doesn’t die. Of course, this means he surely will die now. That’s just how George rolls. Speaking of Davos: I’m so glad he’s alive!

Poor Jon Snow. I think he does well as lord commander. Sadly, his men don’t agree and that’s going to get him killed, methinks. I mean there’s no way he lives to see winter, right?

I really loathe to root for Stannis but I really hope he beats the Boltons. I hate them more. I guess I really don’t hate Stannis but also really don’t like him.

And poor Jeyne Poole. This is by far the cruelest thing anyone has done to someone, force her to marry Ramsey. If she lives, she’s going to be scarred for life. She’s probably already scarred for life. Isn’t it time for Theon to redeem himself and save her or help Stannis? I can’t completely blame him for being afraid. He has been through a lot.

I was promised an Ayra chapter! I want it. Also I want to go back to Cersei! I think the timelines should be close to matching up by now, right?

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