Series You Should Check Out

So this is something that I’m thinking of making a regular column: Books and Series that I’ve read that I feel are underrated or under-appreciated.  There are some great books or Series that I haven’t seen much written or talked about on other blogs that I really liked!  So I’m going to attempt to give them some love. I’m going to start with the Defy series by Sara B. Larson.

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Defy came out last year and it’s sequel Ignite was just released. The story is about Alexa who has to pretend to be a boy and serve in the King’s army.  Let’s just say it would be very bad if she is ever discovered.  Alexa, now Alex, is a smart fighter and she eventually works her way into the the elite prince’s guards.  When a unbeatable sorcerer kidnaps Alex, the Prince and Alex’s friend Rylan, it becomes even harder to do her duty to protect the Prince and to protect her secret.

What I like about the books is that I found them to be really quick reads that were paced well.  You don’t have to wait too long for the action to start.  Alexa is a fighter and not just physically.  She is one of the best of the Prince’s guards, which comes into play when the Prince gets kidnapped.

The relationship between Alexa and the Prince is at first awkward.  He’s the Prince and she’s pretending to be a guy who protects him.  As they grow closer they realize they have more in common.  Both are trying to pretend to be something they are not to protect themselves.  I think you can guess where this is going to go.

It’s hard to review series because I can’t say too much about the second without spoiling the first. So I’ll say it’s worth checking out.  It’s nice to read a heroine who is strong and doesn’t take anyone’s crap.  Of course in Alexa’s case, she can beat up anyone who gives her trouble.  So go check them out.

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