Review: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. A BBC Radio 4 Full Cast Dramatization


Two weeks ago, My Mom and I went on a road trip to Buffalo, NY so I could defend my dissertation and clean out my storage unit and officially move back to Iowa. Fun times. This meant that we had a lot of time together on the road and in hotel rooms, so we got a lot of audiobooks listened to. When we were planning this road trip, we decided we wanted to do some Agatha Christie. I didn’t realize, though, when we checked this out from the library, that this was a dramatization. That ended up being a pleasant surprise. The cast did an excellent job of portraying the fear and the mystery of the novel. It was really enjoyable. Fellow blogger Jack suggested we look for the James Bond dramatizations. The library doesn’t have them, but I might see if they’ll get them in for us because listening to this was fun.

3 thoughts on “Review: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. A BBC Radio 4 Full Cast Dramatization

  1. The Moonraker one doesn’t seem to be available for streaming anymore but there are YouTube streams of


    Diamonds are Forever:

    Dr No :

    Also I highly recommend the Young Bond series. They are also available as audiobooks. They are set in the 1930s following Bond as an early teen through his time at Eaton. Very educational and excellent reads. Lots of history weaves into them.

    Here’s the Amazon link to the 1st book as audio, Silver Fin. SilverFin: Young Bond, Book 1


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