Quick Review: Silver Star by Michael Grant

silver-stars In the second book of Michael Grant’s Soldier Girls series, Rio, Frangie and Rainey have survived their first battle in Africa but the war isn’t over as the focus now turns to Italy.  Each of them have to deal with the reality of what they have done and what they will be asked to do in the future. They all have been asked to do things that they never thought they would have to do even though they knew they would be going into war.  It’s interesting how each of the our three heroines deal with their emotions but also how the adversity makes each of them stronger.  The narrator is still unknown though there are some pretty strong hints a to who it.

This book may take place during World War 2 in an alternative history but it is very much relevant today.  We are still debating the place of women in our Military.  We are still dealing with racism and yes you could even say we are fighting against a potential fascism regime.  Rio, Frangie and Rainey are just normal girls who all signed up for the Army for different reasons but the one thing that they have in common is that when they are needed they step up and do what’s right.  They all fight their own internal prejudices but as the book goes on you can see them all face it and realize how wrong they have been.  It’s not an overnight revelation or anything but you can see the walls coming down.  All three are very brave not just because they are fighting a war or stepping when needed and going above and beyond the call of duty.  They are brave because they are also not shying away from themselves and the sometime uncomfortable truths about themselves. I hope that when people read this, particularly the younger readers get that too.  We all have to be brave enough to face the challenges ahead of us but also in ourselves too.  I’m not sure if this a trilogy or if there are more books to come after the next one.  As of right now, we have made it to 1944, days before the Battle of the Bulge.  World War Two is in it’s final year and I’m very interested to see how our Soldier Girls go from here.

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