We Stand with Standing Rock


We here at Stacks Exceed Life Expectancy are very grateful for all that we have. We’re grateful for each other. We’re grateful for the roofs over our heads. We’re grateful for all of our stacks of books and for having lives that allow us the time to read from time to time and tell people about it. While it is easy to be grateful and we could choose to focus on this gratitude and our own lives today, we find it hard to do that with everything going on in the world. Specifically, everything going on at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota. So, we would like to take today and say that we stand with Standing Rock. The Water Protectors deserve to have their rights to clean water acknowledged and upheld and the police presence that has been doing things like shooting water canons at Water Protectors in below freezing temperatures are wrong for what they are doing. It needs to stop.

So, today, we are also very grateful for everyone who is working to protect the land and its resources. We are also grateful for everyone who has stood with them,  either by physically going or by donating resources. Please consider donating to help support the Water Protectors of the Standing Rock Sioux on this day of thanks. That is a link to the fund supporting the medical and healer tent. You can also donate items off of Medic and Healer Tent or the Sacred Stone Camp‘s amazon wishlists.


They are doing good work to ensure that people are taken care of.

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