Review: We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

This was a book I read for my book club. It is about Merricat, Constance and Uncle Julian Blackwood. They are the last the illustrious Blackwood clan. They live in the family manor. Constance has not left the house in six years and Uncle Julian is in a wheelchair because of a terrible incident that has befallen the family.

Merricat goes to the store and the library once a week. But, everything is about to be turned on its head.

The incident that befell the family is that the rest of the family was poisoned and Constance was put on trial for their murders. Uncle Julian is in his wheel chair because of the poisoning incident. They are visited by Cousin Charles, who befriends Constance. They start to talk about Constance trying to reintegrate into society. From here a chain reaction of sorts leads to the revelation of who really killed the rest of the Blackwood Clan and why. This all leads up to a second incident that changes their lives forever.


At first, I wasn’t into this novel. But, the more I read it, the creepier and more interesting it got. It was a fun little read.


So, if you’re interested in families with secrets, sympathetic magic, and creepy narratives, I recommend you pick this one up.



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