Review: Riders by Veronica Rossi

ridersThis is what I know about the Book of Revelations.  At one point Jesus will come back to usher those of us worthy enough to get into heaven, leaving the rest of us behind to deal with the Apocalypse which I think will have the 666 Beast and the Four Horsemen.  So basically I don’t know much but it is intriguing how the End of Time will play out?  Riders is not about the world ending but it does bring together War, Famine, Death and Conquest together to fight against evil.  Is that what the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse supposed to do? Gideon wants to be an Army Ranger when he dies in a training accident but instead of moving on he comes back as War.  With the help of the Seeker, Daryn, Gideon must find the other three riders to stop the Kindred from finding the key that will open different realms and enslaving mankind in their new kingdom.  If that isn’t hard enough, he has to convince the U.S. Government that he’s not crazy and the biggest threat to national security is a gang of demons.

I really liked this book.  I liked the set up. Gideon is being held by the Government in a secret bunker, trying to explain why he was where he was and convince them that he is not the enemy but it’s still out there.  He’s been drugged so the narrative is almost this stream of conscious.  Anything and everything in his head is just coming out but he’s a soldier so he’s still sizing up his situation.  He’s a likable, funny and smart. He knows the situation he is in not good and the only way to get out is to tell his story, size up his surroundings and use his military training to help him out.  We begin from the day he died and goes through discovery who he is now, finding the other horsemen, falling in love with Daryn and getting over the death of his father the year before.  Because it’s from his point of view, Gideon is the most drawn out character but Daryn is a fully fleshed out girl, who may not a trained fighter but can hold her own.  As for the other horsemen, I would love to know more about them.  Bas aka Famine we get to know a little bit more.  We meet him second so we have more time but we don’t really have that luxury with Marcus (Death) and Jode (Conquest) which is a shame.  All for of them are damaged in one way or another and no more then Marcus.  He’s defensive from the beginning and considering how Gideon basically jumps him as a welcome it’s understandable but there is clearly more to his backstory that Rossi hints at but doesn’t really get into.  I can only hope we learn more in the sequel.  Gideon himself is not perfect, he clearly has anger issues. Daryn I want to learn more about.  She’s brave, smart and clever. As a seeker, her life is not her own.  She goes to where she is needed meaning that she avoids attachments which leads to a lonely existence.  That is why I was happy to find out that the sequel, Seeker, is going to be from her point of view.  Speaking of the sequel, I can’t wait for it to come out because there was one pretty big cliffhanger for one the characters that needs to be answered. Not to repeat myself but I really liked this book.  It was different and kinda strange but completely enjoyable.

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