Quick Review: Dark Tide by Jennifer Donnelly

dark tideAs I read this book, I go back and forth being enthralled and “why am I reading this again?”  I’m interested enough in the story to keep reading to find out how it’s going to end but some of the cutesy words is well eye rolling.  I know that it takes place under the sea and they are mermaids but I find it annoying.  They call each other merls instead of girls but why don’t they call boys, moys or something like it?  It’s a small thing.  The other thing that bothers me is that there are six mermaids who must come together to stop the evil Orfeo but only Sera, Astrid and Becca seem to get the limelight.  Ling (who is on the cover) Neela and Ava are little more then afterthoughts.  I realized there are a lot of characters and not easy to give all them equal time but Marissa Meyer did a wonderful job of doing just that in the Lunar Chronicles so it is possible.  I want to know more about the other mermaids.  I was excited when I saw the cover and Ling on it.  The last time we saw the merl (god I hate that) she was captured by the big bad guy on her way to find her piece.  You would think that would be center stage but we don’t even get to Ling until 50-60 pages into the book.  The little we get from her is exciting as she tries to escape from Orfeo, find her piece and also escape from the work camp she is sent too.  At least she got a couple of chapters.  Ava got one and Neela none, which is weird since she was a big part of the last book.  Maybe that means we will get more of them in the final book coming out later this year but I have a feeling it’s going to be more of Sera and Astrid.  Not that I don’t like them but I want to know about the others.

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