Review: Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

frozen tidesWith all of our talk about whether or not to reread previous books before starting the latest book in a series, this should have been one that I did that.  This series has so many characters, subplots, locations and so many dead characters it’s hard to keep track.  It’s very Games of Thrones like that.  Which is actually what I think it’s trying to be or at least the teen version or it.  While not as ambitious, it’s the same concept of multiple parties fighting over thrones and kingdoms but also looking for the mysterious kindred that grant to the owners with unprecedented powers to rule them all.  So there is a lot going on.  *Spoilers*

The narrative is split between the main characters Princes Magnus, Princess Cleo, Princess Lucia and Jonas plus new additions Felix and Princess Amara.  Taking us all over the Mytica as well as the kingdom across the sea, Kreashia.  After the outcome of the last book where all he 4 kindred’s have been found and spread out all over the kingdom.  Jonas still has one but lost the second to Felix who gives it to the King.  Amara has the third after killing her brother to steal it and brings it back home to Kreashia and Lucia finds the fourth and releases the fire god, Kyan hidden from with in it.  Lucia still reeling from death and betrayal of her love Alexius, joins forces with Kyan to rid the world of watchers.  Blinded by her own anger, she doesn’t see what and who Kyan is till it’s almost too late.  Jonas recovering from his near death after being saved by Pheadra, another watcher, sets out to kill the king and return he kindred to Cleo.  Cleo and Magnus set up shop in Limeros and fight their feelings for each other and try to stay one step ahead of each other.  Can they trust each other? but more importantly can they love each after all that has happened between them? and Felix after a brief stint as a rebel, trying to be a better person then he was raised to be returns to the King to seek reward.  He instead is roped into being the king’s personal guard and sets sail to Kreashia.  With the death of Alexius, we don’t see much of what is going on in the Sanctuary besides a few dreams between Timotheus and Lucia but  we will be spending much more time in the upcoming books.

I love the tension and adventures of this books.  As I said, it’s not as ambitious as Game of Thrones but what is?  All the characters are a mix of being likable and unlikable which I think is true to life.  I think our big bad has changed from being the King to a share of Amara and Kyan.  This will be interesting to what they both will do next and what is hidden in the other Kindred’s.  If there is one thing that I didn’t like is that all he characters get out of trouble way to easy.  The solutions to the predicament come far to quickly but then again, Miss Rhodes doesn’t have the luxury of 1000 page books to tell her story.  Which, I’m not so sad about.  I believe there are also two more books left so the end is near.  I’m pretty interesting to see where things are going now that most of the characters have teamed up.

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