Quick Review: Manners and Mutiny by Gail Carriger

manners mutinyThere is so many things to love about this book and this series in general.  It’s beyond funny.  Sophornia is in finishing school but it’s not just any Victorian age finishing school.  Yes, Miss Geraldine’s teaches her girls how to behave like a lady and how to land a good husband but also how to kill them too.  Miss Geraldine’s develops the best lady intelligencer’s in the majesty’s realm.  Sophronia and her friends may still be students but they are all that stands in the way from the evil Picklemen taking over the realm and  keeping peace with the vampires and werewolves.  So don’t take these girls lightly.  They may have all the charm and manners of a lady of quality but that only makes them more deadly.  If there was one downside to this and that it needs more Soap.  Soap is Sophronia’s one true love.  In a world where social class is important, they are a forbidden match.  Sophronia doesn’t come from most wealthiest of families but she is expected to marry a certain class of gentlemen and  a black sootie is not that class.  At the end of the last book he is turned werewolf to save his life.  In this Steampunk London, supernaturals are granted equal footing with the upper class but he’s still the wrong race and well now the wrong species.  His role is a little lesser then in past books since he is no longer at the floating school.  He is not really given much to do but he does make the most of the time he does have.  All and all it was a good ending to a great series.  I’m going to have to read Gail’s other series that take place in the same world because if these are any indication, they will be a hoot.

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