Real or Not Real

“Real or Not Real” may not be as romantic as “I know” but to me it’s pretty darn close. (It’s also possibly my next tattoo)   There was something about the way that Peeta and Katniss say it to each, particularly at the end of the book just filled me with such bittersweet glee.  (it’s a little hard to feel another other then bittersweet)  I was always a Katniss/Peeta shipper, I’m just going to put that out there.  The final Hunger Games movie comes out later this month and with it comes that line.  Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we are given a sneak peek at Peeta and Katniss saying it for the first time and I’m not disappointed.

What do you think is the most romantic line from pop culture?

1 thought on “Real or Not Real

  1. It’s a long quote, and it’s TV, but first season Dan Rydell is right up there as a romantic quote maker. I love this:

    Let me tell you something – first of all, I’m a sports *anchor*, not a sportscaster. Second of all, you married a jerk. I know about Steve Cisco. Everybody knows about Steve Cisco. Sister, you married a loser. And the fact that you think that that man’s low-grade brand of manhood is any way indicative of my profession is beneath your obvious intelligence and class. What guys like that do to women like you makes me absolutely crazy. I knew I recognized you. Will you look at this? You’re working late, I have a show to do in ten minutes just twelve stories up. There’s no earthly reason why you shouldn’t be having dinner with me after the show. It’d be midnight, and we’d go to a great place, and I’d ask you about your day because I genuinely do care about your day. And I’d be funny and you’d have a good time. And when I took you home at like 3am, and I tried to kiss you goodnight, and I think I’d be successful. In fact, I know it. And I can’t believe none of that’s ever gonna happen ’cause once there was a time you married an idiot. I’ve gotta get back to my job, which, rest assured, I do considerably better than Steve Cisco.

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