Quick Review: The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

Featured imageAll right I’m going to just get into it.  Talis is by far the sassiest AI in history.  I knew that I was going to love this book from the the get go. Talis starts things off with outlining how he took over the world.  It truly was love at first read.  So, here’s the deal, the world was in chaos, the icebergs in the Arctic have melted.  Humanity was killing each other with war after war after war so the UN decided to give Talis the task of finding solutions to stop the chaos.  So he blew up a couple of cities, just to get people’s attention and then went medieval on all of them and demanded royal hostages.  You declare war, well, then your beloved heir to your throne is going to die.  Talis’ number one rule.  Make it Personal.  Mission accomplished.  Fast forward 400 years and for the most part, Talis’ rule has worked.  The nations of the world have been almost peaceful.  Greta is the heir to the PanPol throne aka Canada and has been raised to be the perfect hostage and heir.  She knows that the likelihood of her living to rule her people is getting slim.  Her people have been at the brink of war for years and she has become sort of ok with it since it is her duty. That is until Elian shows up and challenges everything she thought was true.  Elian is everything she is not.  He wasn’t raised to rule or to be a hostage.  He knows that he is going to die and instead of accepting it, he fights for it.  He, with the help of Xie, Greta’s roommate and fellow royal, open Greta’s eyes to different possibilities.  Show her how to be strong and how to rule.  They show her what she has been missing by only doing her duty.  She makes real friends, falls in love and possibly changes the world.  All the while Talis is there being his sassy self, keeping the jokes coming and his no nonsense rule.  I highly recommend this book.  Come for the sass but stay for the heart.

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