Review: Penryn and the End of Days by Susan Ee

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I was first turned onto Angelfall by our friend Stephanie back in 2012.  Like her, I was immediately taken with Penryn and Raffe and their struggle to keep their families together litereally and figurely.  Her mother schizophrenic and her sister is in a wheelchair.  After her father left them, it’s been up to Penryn to take care of them.  It was hard enough before Angels descended on the earth an caused a massive breakdown of civilization.  For Raffe, he just wants to stop his people from an all out Civil War.  Raffe and Penryn team up as they help each other and discovered that the Angel’s appearance of Earth may not be divine intervention after all. Spoilers Ahead! Sometimes I feel like YA authors have a checklist of what makes a good heroine.  For one thing, they need to be small.  Clary Fray from the The Mortal Instuments is short, about five feet.  Tris Prior from Divergent is also short but I can’t remember how short but her it’s mentioned so often that is one of her defining traits. (Kinda disappointed in the casting of the movie, as Shailene Woodley is a good actor but she’s not at all short)  The other common trait for a YA heroine is that they are fighters.  Both Clary and Tris learn to fight throughout their series and become quite skilled.  Penryn is very much in the same mode of heroine.  She’s 5″2′ and one hell of a fighter but unlike the others I’ve mentioned, she already knew how to fight.  Thanks to years of self defense class and martial arts class her mom could enroll her in.  She’s pretty resourceful when it comes to keeping her, her sister and mother safe.  Definitely the girl you want on your side during an Angel invasion. Things have been bad for Penryn and her family since her father left but when the Angels came and causing all sorts of disasters, natural and unnatural, things just get worse.  The power is spotty and food is short.  Cities have been destroyed and governments have collapsed.  Local gangs have taken over what’s left of cities.  Penryn and her family have decided it’s no longer safe to stay in their condo, so they try to leave but unfortunately, they happen upon an Angel fight that leaves Raffe wingless and Paige kidnapped. Raffe is badly beaten and without wings but he also might be the only lead Penryn has to find her sister.  So she folds up his wings and rolls him in Paige’s wheelchair to safety.  Over the course of the books, they fight together and help each other out but it’s a tense relationship.  Raffe is an angel, who have just destroyed her world.  Penryn is a human, a daughter of man, the downfall of all of his Watchers. They set off together to find Paige and for someone to sew his wings back on. Along they way they discover why the Angels are on Earth in the first place because at first Raffe doesn’t even know.  Archangel Gabriel, the Messanger, the voice of God is gun downed in Israel when all hell broke loose.  This left Angels without a leader.  They are a warrior race that knows nothing but following orders but what happens when there are no orders? Well, complete chaos that’s what.  All signs point to the biblical apocalypse coming, with cannibal children, locust and monsters adorn with 666 but they are all part of a scheme by an Angel Uriel to gain power.  It’s pretty devious for an Angel.

The series is very good.  Angelfall I loved.  World After was actually better on the second time around.  I think since I read right after Angelfall and it was still fresh in my mind that things I missed the first time around I caught.  End of Days was a mixture of both.  At times it was breathtaking and I couldn’t put it down and then other time it got bogged down in melodramatics.  As much as I love Penryn and Raffe, who is quite the sassy Angel, I really do love the supporting cast.  Penryn’s mom is pretty scary in her religious, schizophrenic fervor.  The Tweedle Dee and Dum, fighters they meet in a resistance camp bring the necessary comic relief.  Though I do have to say, both Penryn and Raffe do have they comic moments too.  It was a satisfying ending to the series and I for one will never look at Angels the same way again.

P.S. Sorry for mistakes.  I didn’t want to spoil any of the plot for Kate who hasn’t finished the series.

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